“Pornography is destroying families. But you can end the conflict now.”

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“What would you sacrifice to spread the truth?” Based on a true story.

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Victory Pins: “By seeing this sign, you will know you are not alone.” The story of V.

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Winged Victory: “At what cost are you willing to protect your victory.” The story of Victory during WWII.

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I do not believe we should be defined by the things with which we have struggled, or the things with which we struggle still; rather, let us say of ourselves and others: ‘yes, we’ve overcome or are trying to overcome addiction, depression, abuse, illness, or the like–what of it?! We glory in our struggles only inasmuch as they have led us to the gateway of freedom, and in that journey we have found community, peace, love, and joy!”

I do not know why you have had to go through what you have gone through, but I do know you are not alone; I do not really know what the great eternal purpose of suffering is, but I do know we can find purpose in sharing our experiences, and helping others through similar struggles; and I do not know when there will be an end to world-wide suffering, but I do know that there will be an end, a thousand ends, in fact, to a thousand struggles. Those ends, as they makes themselves manifest in our daily lives, are called victories. And above all, I know this: we all have them and they are worth remembering… Read More.


The Heart of the Matter is a non-denominational Christian documentary film that explores the realities of pornography addiction as seen through the lives of recovering addicts. The shame that stems from pornography addiction is daunting and actually perpetuates unhealthy behaviors. Learn more!