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End the Conflict

We Will End The Conflict Now


Pornography is the plague of our time. It affects our families, our communities, and our prosperity. Those struggling with addiction, whether personally or by association, need the wisdom and support of those who have already fought the battle. Written from the perspective of a successfully recovered addict and his wife, this book is the culmination of their discoveries concerning the principles vital to recovery and healing.

Book Sample: We Will End The Conflict Now

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About The Author

William A. Donne overcame a 16-year addiction to pornography. But he did not do it alone; it was only with the help of his wife, parents, siblings, and God that he found the strength to end the conflict now. Mae Donne was blindsided by his disclosure, which began an intense and hard road toward healing. But she did not find healing by herself either; again, family and God played an integral role. This book is the culmination of their respective and collective journey. Though they refer to their Christian beliefs at times throughout the book, it is more a book of principles–principles that know no religion, only truth. It is their hope that as you discuss and apply these principles, you will find your own path toward recovery and healing. You can end the conflict now. William and Mae are the parents of four boys. Mae has a passion for flowers, gardening, and nutrition. William is a business owner, writer, and public speaker. They both have been able to help many individuals and couples work through their own process of healing and recovery. They have done a number interviews and spoken at various community and religious conferences throughout the United States. If you would like to invite them to speak, or if you just need someone to talk to regarding your own journey, do not hesitate to contact them through this website.