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No film currently on the market addresses pornography addiction to the heart of the problem as we are. Our film not only talks about this difficult subject clearly and hopefully, but it also emphasizes the importance of how we as a culture have to let go of toxic shame; be transparent with each other about our weaknesses; seek to foster understanding and forgiveness; and endeavor to be honest before God, with ourselves and our loved ones.

Daniel Weiss of The Brushfires Foundation, who has been working for well over a decade on the implications that pornography has on the Christian community, wrote a blog post after his experience with us on set. He said this of our work:

“When I first heard about [The Heart of the Matter], I was intrigued. Too few people were addressing the harmful impact of pornography, so I wanted to learn more. When Jessica and I spoke, I could tell she really had a heart for the issue. More than that, she seemed to understand the issue like few others… I marveled at her ability to get to the deepest and most crucial elements of recovery. No one is asking questions like this film does. And that is why we still have so few answers in the broader culture. If you ask the right questions you will get the right answers.”

Our film will answer the hard questions in order to give the addict and non-addict alike an understanding of the importance and power of transparent communication. It will bring hope to all that nothing is lost that cannot be restored through the love and grace of God.